21 AI Tools to start your online business

21 AI Tools to start your online business
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Hey there, future moguls and digital dreamers! 🚀 If you're setting your sights on the bustling digital marketplace and are armed with ambition (and maybe some caffeine), you're already on the right track. But let’s face it, starting an online business is akin to steering a ship through uncharted waters. Luckily, the AI revolution has rolled out a fleet of tools that'll make you feel like you've got the wind in your sails. So, let's unravel this digital toolkit that’s about to turbocharge your entrepreneurial voyage!

1. Spinning Ideas into Gold

ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity

The ideation phase is exhilarating but can sometimes leave you staring blankly at your screen. These AI idea generators are your virtual think tanks, capable of conjuring up business ideas, product concepts, or blog topics faster than a brainstorming speed round.

Potential Use Cases: Use ChatGPT to draft business plans or marketing strategies. Claude could help refine your brand voice. Perplexity is there to challenge your ideas and make sure they're watertight.

2. Painting with Words

Dall-E-3, Leonardo, MidJourney

Every modern tale needs its bards and these text-to-image tools are the digital equivalent. From creating product mock-ups to vivid website banners, they translate your words into images that can speak volumes.

Potential Use Cases: Task Dall-E-3 with designing unique graphics for social media. Employ Leonardo for product design prototypes. Send MidJourney on quests to craft visuals that tell your brand's story.

3. Wordsmiths at Your Service

Rytr, Jasper, WriteSonic

Copywriting is the art of persuasion, and in the digital realm, it’s your 24/7 salesperson. These AI copywriters can whip up anything from catchy taglines to compelling blog posts that keep your audience hooked.

Potential Use Cases: Rytr can be your go-to for email campaigns. Jasper might just pen the ultimate landing page copy. WriteSonic could be the force behind regular blog post creation to keep your SEO game strong.

4. Designing Dreams into Reality

ClipDrop, Designify, MS Designer

Design might be the most daunting aspect of content creation, but with these tools, you’ll be crafting designs like a pro, whether it’s for your website, app, or marketing materials.

Potential Use Cases: Use ClipDrop to bring real-world objects into your digital designs. Designify can help revamp old graphics into fresh content. MS Designer can offer a suite of templates to jump-start your creativity.

5. Building Your Digital Storefront

Framer, Durable, LandingSite

Your website is your online business's home. These platforms offer intuitive interfaces to build and test beautiful, user-friendly sites without needing to code.

Potential Use Cases: Framer is great for prototyping your site. Durable builds robust websites ready for traffic. LandingSite ensures your landing page is as enticing as the journey you promise.

6. Directing Your Brand’s Blockbusters

Klap, Opus, Heygen

Video content reigns supreme in grabbing attention. These tools not only help you create videos but also assist in editing and production, making your brand’s story visually irresistible.

Potential Use Cases: Klap cuts your editing time significantly. Opus allows you to weave audio magic into your videos. Heygen can offer fresh, innovative ways to present your content.

7. The Wizards of Oz... I Mean, Automation

Make, Zapier, Bardeen

These automation maestros can save you from the drudgery of repetitive tasks. Set them up once, and watch your efficiency skyrocket as they handle the behind-the-scenes magic.

Potential Use Cases: Make can automate your cross-platform posting schedule. Zapier can connect your apps and streamline workflows. Bardeen takes over repetitive tasks so you can focus on growth.


Taking the leap into starting your online business can feel like setting sail into a tempest. But with these 21 AI tools, you’ve got a crew ready to navigate, innovate, and steer you towards tranquil and prosperous waters. Each tool brings something unique to the table – from conjuring ideas to automating tasks, from spinning text into beautiful visuals to crafting engaging copy that converts. So, fellow voyagers, hoist the sails – your digital odyssey awaits!

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