Bring your world into AR with 3D Scan, Room Capture, and animations to create engaging experiences.

Overview of Animant

Animant is an innovative tool that seamlessly brings together your creative vision and the tangible world, enabling the creation of captivating and interactive experiences. Centered around Augmented Reality (AR), Animant empowers users to materialize immersive 3D encounters within their physical surroundings. Fueled by AI and natural language, this tool streamlines scene creation, allowing creators to emphasize storytelling over technical complexities.

Key Features of Animant

  • Object Capture: Animant includes Object Capture, facilitating the seamless integration of real-world objects into your augmented reality scenes.
  • Robust Privacy Measures: With a strong emphasis on privacy, Animant ensures secure and confidential handling of your creative endeavors
  • Support for External Lighting and Physics: The tool supports external lighting and physics, enhancing the realism of your augmented reality experiences.
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