Get professional AI headshots in minutes with our new AI headshot generator.

Overview of Aragon

Aragon stands as an innovative tool harnessing artificial intelligence to generate professional headshots seamlessly. By simply uploading a minimum of 12 facial images, users experience the creation of a custom headshot within 90 minutes through Aragon’s cutting-edge AI technology. Developed by esteemed AI researchers from Google and Microsoft, this technology revolutionizes the traditional approach to headshot creation, eliminating the necessity for professional photoshoots and allowing users to enjoy the process from the comfort of their homes. Aragon proves invaluable for enhancing LinkedIn profiles, elevating job applications, and upgrading company websites.

Key Features of Aragon

  • Quick and Convenient: Aragon expedites the headshot creation process, demanding only 12 facial images and a mere 90 minutes to generate a professional headshot, ensuring a swift and convenient user experience.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: By eliminating the need for professional photoshoots, Aragon presents a cost-effective alternative, saving users both time and money in the quest for professional headshots.
  • High-Quality Results: Aragon’s technology, driven by leading AI researchers from Google and Microsoft, guarantees top-notch and personalized results, ensuring the delivery of high-quality professional headshots tailored to user specifications.
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