Instantly create audio in a variety of languages ​​and voices using written text.

AudioBot, an advanced AI tool, swiftly transforms written text into audio across various languages and voices. It excels in Spanish, capturing local accents from more than 14 countries. Users can effortlessly download the audio in mp3 format, making it an ideal choice for those with visual impairment or a preference for listening. Employing cutting-edge voice synthesis technology, AudioBot delivers high-quality artificial voices, boasting a selection of over 500 options.

Key Features of AudioBot:

  • Specialization in Spanish and diverse local accents spanning 14 countries.
  • A vast array of over 500 voices, ensures a broad spectrum of choices for users.
  • It boasts a user base exceeding 60,000 active users and generating over 1.5 million audio.
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