Bertha is an AI–based automatic content generation tool that has been trained on hundreds of billions of lines of content to help you write better content on your WordPress website.

Overview of Bertha AI

Bertha AI emerges as a potent writing assistant seamlessly integrated with platforms such as WordPress, Chrome, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace. Harnessing advanced AI technology, it swiftly generates compelling, creative, and conversion-focused website copy and images. Crafted with the goal of saving users up to 90% of their time, Bertha AI excels in producing website copy, crafting images and illustrations, generating product descriptions, and even composing blog posts.

Key Features of Bertha AI

  • Efficient Content Generation: Bertha AI excels in generating engaging, creative, and conversion-oriented website copy and images, providing users with significant time savings of up to 90%.
  • Feature-Rich Subscription Plans: The tool offers subscription plans with unlimited users, access to the Chrome Extension, 1,000,000 words per month, and 20 image generations per month.
  • Priority Support and Guarantee: Bertha AI ensures user satisfaction with priority support and a 7-day money-back guarantee, demonstrating confidence in the tool’s capabilities.
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