Get started with a full 30-minute workout. Reps and sets will be automatically counted for you and auto-journaled.

Overview of BragHumble

BragHumble stands as an innovative fitness tool crafted to enhance individuals’ understanding of their workout capabilities. Geared towards beginners, the tool prioritizes user-friendliness by offering demos and audio assistance for each exercise. Leveraging the front camera and AI technology, BragHumble accurately counts reps during workouts, providing a tangible measure of the effort exerted. Importantly, the tool upholds user privacy standards by abstaining from recording, storing, or sharing any workout videos.

Key Features of BragHumble

  • Precision Rep Counting with AI: Utilizing advanced AI technology, BragHumble ensures accurate counting of repetitions during workout sessions, offering users a reliable metric for tracking their progress.
  • Beginner-Friendly Demos and Audio Assistance: Tailored for beginners, the tool provides helpful demonstrations and audio guidance for each exercise, fostering a supportive environment for those new to fitness routines
  • Privacy Assurance: BragHumble places a premium on user privacy, refraining from the recording, storage, or sharing of any workout videos, creating a secure and confidential workout experience.
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