No more timers. Never miss a minute of your day with AI-powered time-tracking

Overview of Clockk

Clockk emerges as an innovative AI-powered time-tracking tool, aiming to transform the often tedious process of time tracking into a more enjoyable and accurate experience. Tailored for multitasking professionals, Clockk ensures precision in tracking time across various client projects without the need for conventional start and stop timers. This tool seamlessly operates in the background, providing accurate insights for billing purposes, aiding in business growth planning, and integrating seamlessly with your tech stack for efficient tagging.

Key Features of Clockk

  • Automatic Time Tracking: Clockk operates discreetly in the background, eliminating the hassle of start and stop timers, resulting in a more enjoyable and accurate time tracking experience.
  • Accurate Billing: Say goodbye to guesswork with Clockk, as it uncovers and bills for the time lost during transitions between projects or instances when timers were forgotten.
  • Business Growth Planning: Clockk facilitates a deeper understanding of project completion times, empowering users to create more profitable proposals for predictable and sustainable business growth.
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