Create AI videos from text in minutes and auto-translate to dozens of languages with the click of a button.

Overview of Colossyan

Colossyan Creator is an AI-driven video platform specifically crafted for workplace learning. Users can effortlessly transform text into engaging learning videos, acting as their own AI presenters, with the ability to localize content in just four clicks. The platform, boasting an impressive average rating of 4.8 from over 150 G2 reviews, supports over 70 languages. Tailored for efficiency, it converts PDFs and PPTs into dynamic videos using templates optimized for the learner experience. Offering a diverse range of AI avatars, users can choose from presets or create custom avatars. Notably, Colossyan Creator ensures videos are always up-to-date when embedded and provides auto-translation for global accessibility.

Key Features of Colossyan

  • AI-Powered Video Creation – Swiftly transform the text into engaging learning videos with AI-driven efficiency.
  • Custom AI Avatars – Choose from a diverse range of AI avatars or create custom ones to deliver content uniquely.
  • Localization – Streamline content localization in four clicks, with auto-translation supporting over 70 languages.
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