Build your own 3D characters like Pixar, animate in just a click & make stunning videos.

Overview of CreateStudio

CreateStudio is a versatile on-premise video production and editing software tailored to meet the diverse needs of video creators, social media marketers, and YouTubers. Positioned as an innovative platform, it offers users a comprehensive suite of tools to effortlessly craft captivating doodles, animations, and explainer videos, enhancing the visual appeal of their content.

Key Features of CreateStudio

  • Creative Elements – CreateStudio sets itself apart by seamlessly integrating emojis, shadows, borders, and 3D effects into videos, enhancing the storytelling experience with a rich palette of creative elements.
  • Creative Hub – it’s a creative hub where users can experiment with various preferences, from whimsical doodles to informative explainer videos, unleashing their imagination.
  • On-Premise Control – provides users full control, ensuring a secure and customizable environment. Ideal for those valuing data privacy and seeking a seamless workflow without relying on cloud solutions.
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