The AI platform that turns any input into game-engine-ready 3D assets.

Overview of Multi-Modal 3D Generation

Multi-Modal 3D Generation stands as an innovative tool, empowering users to craft top-tier 3D assets derived from video, image, or text sources. Leveraging cutting-edge advancements in neural inverse graphics, this tool excels in producing assets adorned with high-resolution geometry, UV-unwrapped textures, and neural radiance fields. It revolutionizes the process of creating environments and games, introducing unparalleled speed and precision.

Key Features of Multi-Modal 3D Generation

  • Versatile 3D Asset Generation: The tool excels in generating high-quality 3D assets, seamlessly extracting creative elements from diverse sources such as video, image, or text.
  • Neural Inverse Graphics Advancements: Utilizing the latest breakthroughs in neural inverse graphics, Multi-Modal 3D Generation ensures the creation of assets that boast high-resolution geometry, UV-unwrapped textures, and neural radiance fields.
  • Enhanced Speed and Precision: The tool redefines the landscape of environment and game creation by offering unprecedented speed and precision in the generation process.
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