Automate time-consuming research tasks like summarizing papers, extracting data, and synthesizing your findings.

Overview of Elicit

Elicit stands as a cutting-edge research assistant, fueled by language models that redefine the landscape of research workflows. Going beyond conventional keyword matching, Elicit employs advanced capabilities to unearth relevant papers, offering valuable insights even in the absence of a perfect match. This innovative tool excels in intelligently summarizing key takeaways, customized to address specific questions, and efficiently extracting crucial information from research papers.

Key Features of Elicit

  • Advanced Paper Discovery: Elicit employs sophisticated language models to go beyond traditional keyword matching, ensuring the discovery of relevant papers that might be missed through conventional methods.
  • Customized Key Takeaways: The tool excels in intelligently summarizing key takeaways from research papers, tailoring the summaries to address specific questions posed by researchers.
  • Efficient Information Extraction: Elicit efficiently extracts crucial information from research papers, offering a streamlined process for researchers
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