Search engines and social networks are not designed for due diligence, and existing tools are clunky, expensive, and offer just a snapshot in time.

Overview of Ferret

Introducing Ferret, an innovative tool at the forefront of automating the initial protective measures for investors and executives through on-demand business and reputation intelligence. This tool empowers users to conduct thorough due diligence on prospective business partners, clients, and associates, facilitating well-informed decisions about trustworthy collaborations. Beyond the corporate realm, Ferret extends its utility to non-profit organizations, offering a vital means to discern between credible potential partners and those who may pose potential risks.

Key Features of Ferret

  • Automated Due Diligence: Ferret streamlines and automates the due diligence process for potential business partners and clients, providing an essential first level of protection for investors and executives.
  • Continuous Monitoring: The platform offers continuous monitoring of all individuals associated with a firm who pose risk relevance, aiding in the diligent fulfillment of fiduciary duties.
  • Non-Profit Support: Ferret proves invaluable for non-profit organizations, assisting them in distinguishing between legitimate potential partners and those who may present potential risks, ensuring a safeguarded collaboration landscape.
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