Overview of Glean

Glean stands as an AI-powered workplace search tool that elevates productivity and collaboration within teams. Powered by deep learning-based Language Model Models (LLMs), Glean provides a semantic understanding of natural language queries through vector search technology. It continuously refines its capabilities by training on the unique language and context of your company, ensuring improved search relevance without the need for manual adjustments. Glean introduces ChatGPT for enterprises, enabling users to engage with an assistant for answers, analyses, and summaries spanning all documents, conversations, and tickets.

Key Features of Glean

  • AI-Powered Workplace Search: Glean enhances productivity and engagement by providing AI-powered workplace search capabilities across all company applications.
  • ChatGPT for Enterprises: Featuring ChatGPT, Glean delivers answers, analyses, and summaries from diverse sources, including documents, conversations, and tickets.
  • Personalized Results and Knowledge Discovery: Glean tailors results to individual preferences and fosters knowledge discovery, constructing a knowledge graph that comprehends the dynamics of people, content, and interactions within your company.
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