Improve cash flow through credit controls and Informed decisions!

Overview of Inwisely

Inwisely emerges as an innovative AI-powered tool crafted to streamline the process of invoice collection. This tool introduces automation to your invoice follow-up, guaranteeing punctual payments and enhancing your cash flow. By leveraging Inwisely, users can establish intelligent workflows, upload invoices, and delegate the responsibility of follow-ups to the system. The tool seamlessly integrates with email platforms, facilitating personalized communication, and supports major ERPs and accounting tools.

Key Features of Inwisely

  • AI-Powered Invoice Follow-Up Automation: Inwisely employs AI to automate the invoice follow-up process, ensuring payments are received promptly and enhancing overall cash flow.
  • Seamless Integration with Email and Major ERPs: The tool seamlessly integrates with email platforms for personalized communication and major ERPs and accounting tools for streamlined workflows.
  • Comprehensive View and Updated Ageing Report: Users benefit from a comprehensive overview of their communication history with customers and an ageing report that is continuously updated.
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