Jane – AI Assistant

Your AI personal assistant.
Jane – AI Assistant

Meet Jane, your personal AI assistant tailor-made for macOS. This macOS-native application is meticulously crafted to streamline your workflow and deliver prompt assistance whenever you need it. Jane is fully compatible with free OpenAI accounts, and it’s just a shortcut away from being accessible from anywhere. The brains behind this app are none other than Tomas Srna, who takes privacy seriously by abstaining from data collection. Jane is a lightweight application, consuming only 1.8 MB of your disk space, and it falls within the productivity software category. It’s designed to work on macOS 13.0 and later, and it’s suitable for users aged 12 and above. Furthermore, Jane is compatible with Family Sharing, allowing up to six family members to enjoy its benefits.

Here are some key highlights of Jane – your AI Assistant:

  • macOS Integration: Jane seamlessly blends into your Mac environment, offering a familiar and native interface.
  • Instant Accessibility: With a simple shortcut (⌘J), you can access Jane instantly from anywhere within the macOS.
  • Privacy Priority: Rest assured that your data remains private, as the developer, Tomas Srna, refrains from collecting any information through the app.
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