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Overview of KREA

KREA stands as an innovative creative instrument harnessing the power of AI technology to produce top-tier visuals. Engineered to comprehend your individual styles, concepts, or products, the AI tailors visuals accordingly. Users can upload images, instruct the AI, and generate visuals directly on the canvas. KREA provides complete control, empowering users to explore visuals across diverse domains. Crafted by creatives for creatives, the tool is dedicated to delivering the latest AI technology in a format that is both intuitive and potent.

Key Features of KREA

  • Personalized AI Training: KREA enables users to train an AI engine in their distinctive style, ensuring a highly customized experience.
  • Intelligent Object Removal: The tool automatically identifies and eliminates objects, streamlining the creative process.
  • Stable Diffusion XL: KREA has plans to integrate a novel stable diffusion model into its AI engine, elevating its capabilities.
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