Accurately caption and transcribe all audio on your computer and microphone.

Introducing Lugs, a groundbreaking AI tool that delivers precise captioning and transcription for all audio content originating from your computer and microphone. Lugs operates offline, guaranteeing privacy and reliability, even in the absence of an internet connection. What sets apart is its remarkable capacity to comprehend the context of your conversations, resulting in transcription accuracy that is second to none. Notably, Lugs was conceived and developed by individuals with hearing impairments for their daily use, establishing it as a tool deeply rooted in genuine life experiences.

Key Features of Lugs:

  • Offline Functionality: Lugs seamlessly operate on your device, without the need for an internet connection, preserving your privacy and ensuring dependable performance.
  • Contextual Comprehension: possesses a profound understanding of your conversations, enabling it to track the context of your dialogues, ultimately delivering unparalleled transcription accuracy.
  • Developed by the Hearing Impaired: Lugs was created by individuals with hearing impairments for their personal daily needs, thus making it a tool that is firmly grounded in real-life experiences.
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