Machined creates content that will help you rank on search engines.

Overview of Machined

Machined stands as a robust AI-powered solution designed to revolutionize and automate the content creation process at scale. This innovative tool empowers users to specify their topic and audience, enabling the AI to construct comprehensive content clusters and generate entire articles. Machined employs advanced analytics for meticulous keyword research within each cluster, carefully selecting synergistic keywords and automatically interlinking articles. With support for over 100 languages, Machined prioritizes speed and scalability, allowing users to tailor content perspective and tone while adhering to their target audience and writing objectives.

Key Features of Machined

  • Automated Content Creation: Machined harnesses cutting-edge AI capabilities to produce a multitude of high-quality articles swiftly, generating hundreds within minutes and catering to diverse reader preferences.
  • SEO Strategy Automation: Streamlining SEO efforts, Machined automates keyword research, clustering, and internal linking, ensuring the creation of content clusters optimized for high search engine rankings.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Engineered for speed and scalability, Machined employs parallel processing and background processing, enabling users to scale their content production seamlessly.
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