The no-friction avatar-creation platform.

Overview of Meshcapade

Meshcapade stands as an advanced platform utilizing computer vision and machine learning to craft precise digital human avatars. Tailored to serve diverse industries such as e-commerce, clothing design, gaming, AR/VR, fitness, and telepresence, Meshcapade’s patented technology enables the generation of digital doubles from any data source. These avatars are presented in a unified 3D body format that seamlessly integrates across platforms and industries.

Key Features of Meshcapade

  • Utilizing AI, Meshcapade’s platform produces accurate digital doubles from various data sources, presenting them in a unified 3D body format adaptable to every industry.
  • The platform exhibits complete compatibility with all game engines and graphics software, establishing its versatility for businesses across diverse sectors.
  • Meshcapade actively supports the expanding avatar economy, empowering businesses to design, tailor, and market products aligned with their customers’ avatars.
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