Notion AI

Notion is the connected workspace where better, faster work happens.
Notion AI

Overview of Notion AI

Notion AI stands as an AI-powered tool seamlessly integrated into your workspace, enhancing your writing capabilities and facilitating document drafting without the need to switch between tools. Its standout feature is a distinctive and highly adaptable drag-and-drop text editor, empowering users to effortlessly rearrange and transform AI-generated content. Accessible to all users, Notion AI can be activated through simple actions like using the space bar, highlighting text, and selecting “Ask AI,” or employing slash commands.

Key Features of Notion AI

  • Workspace Integration for Seamless Writing: Notion AI seamlessly integrates with your workspace, eliminating the need to switch between tools
  • Adaptable Drag-and-Drop Text Editor: Featuring a unique drag-and-drop text editor, Notion AI offers users the flexibility to easily rearrange and transform AI-generated content
  • Privacy-Respecting Data Practices: Notion AI prioritizes user privacy, strictly adhering to standard data protection practices.


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