Use ResearchGPT to do hours' worth of research in minutes.

Overview of ResearchGPT

Experience the swift and effective capabilities of ResearchGPT, an application designed for seamless interaction with PDF documents. Whether it’s uploading a personal PDF or sharing a link to an online document, the app swiftly extracts text, generates embeddings, and employs the OpenAI API to respond to user queries about the document. Transparency is a priority, as ResearchGPT not only provides responses but also reveals the source of the text and the corresponding page number.

Key Features of ResearchGPT

  • Interactive PDF Conversation: Engage in dynamic conversations with any PDF document by extracting and embedding its text for interactive exploration.
  • OpenAI API Integration: Utilizes the power of the OpenAI API to generate insightful responses to user queries about the content within the document.
  • Source Attribution: Ensures transparency by providing the source of the text used to generate responses, accompanied by the relevant page number.
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