SciSpace is an incredible (AI-powered) tool to help you understand research papers better. It can explain and elaborate most academic texts in simple words.

Overview of Scispace

Stands as an innovative tool meticulously crafted to aid users in comprehending intricate scientific papers effortlessly. This tool introduces a novel approach, allowing users to highlight text, mathematical expressions, and tables for swift summaries and explanations. In instances of lingering confusion, users can engage in interactive learning by posing follow-up questions to delve deeper into the subject matter.

Key Features of Scispace

  • Interactive Learning: Users can seamlessly highlight specific sections within the paper to receive quick summaries and detailed explanations.
  • Efficient Literature Review: AI Copilot accelerates the literature review process by presenting preset questions designed to extract quick summaries, insights into future works, and references to related papers.
  • Note-Saving Feature: Users can preserve crucial portions of the PDF or captivating responses as notes, ensuring that all pertinent information remains readily accessible for future reference.
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