ZeitPub is an AI-powered tool that can help you create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content quickly and easily.

Overview of ZeitPub

ZeitPub stands out as an innovative tool dedicated to elevating creativity in writing by efficiently managing the routine aspects of reporting. This forward-thinking solution introduces features like auto-referencing, multilingual input and output, and automated post generation for WordPress. With ZeitPub, the creation of unique articles becomes 10 times faster and 75% more cost-effective, positioning it as an optimal solution for content globalization.

Key Features of ZeitPub

  • Auto Referencing: ZeitPub streamlines the article creation process by automatically adding references, saving users valuable time and effort in the writing and reporting stages.
  • Multilingual Input & Output: Offering versatility, ZeitPub can take input in one language and generate articles in 10 different languages. This feature ensures that your content can effectively reach a global audience, contributing to an expansive and diverse readership.
  • Auto Generate Posts for WordPress: ZeitPub takes automation a step further by automatically generating articles from sources like Google News or Google Search and seamlessly posting them to your WordPress site, whether in publish or draft mode.
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