Our solution enables furniture retailers to visualize and personalize content about their products using computer vision and augmented and mixed reality technologies.

Overview of Zolak

Zolak stands as an advanced 3D product visualizer and AR 3D product visualization tool tailored for the e-commerce landscape. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modeling, computer vision, and virtual and augmented reality, it crafts immersive, interactive representations of products. Beyond elevating the customer experience by providing a realistic view and interaction with products, Zolak proves instrumental in optimizing business resources by eliminating the necessity for physical prototypes and elaborate photoshoots.

Key Features of Zolak

  • Leveraging augmented reality, Zolak generates interactive product visualizations, enabling customers to engage with products in real-world settings using their smartphones or tablets.
  • Utilizing 3D modeling and visual effects, Zolak creates lifelike representations of products, enriching customer comprehension and satisfaction.
  • The product visualizations offered by Zolak are customizable, granting customers the flexibility to view products from various angles and personalize them according to their preferences.
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